Digital Ostaad is a 100% INTERACTIVE LEARNING PLATFORM for any age of people. Different courses are trained here with FULL PROFESSIONAL LEVELS. Digital Ostaad works towards the solution of human acts, human behavior& human attitude.

Our motto is “Towards Solutions for Human…”


Basically, Digital Ostaad holds training program of different durations & times on soft skills e.g. Leadership, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Professional Etiquettes etc.; some professional IT skills e.g. Professional Corporate Microsoft Office, Professional & Strategic Graphic Design, Effective Digital Marketing etc. Besides, Digital Ostaad provides Language Learning Courses e.g. English, Japanese, and Chinese. Digital Ostaad also provides special training for IELTS programs.

One of the most significant thing that Digital Ostaad serves, is Legal & Business Consultancy. Any kind of Legal problem i.e. Civil or Criminal, Digital Ostaad provides Country Leading Lawyers for any case to present before the Court.

Vision &



Develop a Standard Community of Professional & Proficient People

  • Spread the knowledge & awareness of Human Behavior Standards.
  • Create opportunity to discover thyself.
  • Create quality employees, entrepreneurs, interpreneurs & freelancers .
  • Overcome unemployment
  • Create opportunity for passive income.
  • Fulfill different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Build Better Bangladesh.

Why to choose us

In Terms of Training Courses:
  • Life-Time Support.
  • 100% Interactive Live Classes with Fun & Sharing
  • Industrial & Practical Projects.
  • Quality Knowledge & Services
  • Convenient & Reasonable fees.
  • Time Saving.
  • Convenient Time Slots for Classes.
  • Extra Special Classes.
  • Back up Classes & Standard Tutorials.
  • Smart Certifications.
  • Standard International Course Pattern.
In Terms of Services:
  • 100% safe & secured matters.
  • Convenient Fees.
  • Quality Services.
  • Connections with Country Leading Professionals.
  • Sustainable Solution.
  • Professional Services.
  • Back up Support.


(Frequently Asked


About DO

Digital Ostaad is a 100% interactive Learning Platform. We provide different type of skill development training through online LIVE classes. Some training & services are provided offline though our different events and sessions.
As providing different courses, we basically provide Soft Skills Development Training, Professional IT Training, and Language Learning Courses. As providing services, we provide the services of Legal Consultancy, Business Consultancy and Personal Counselling.
  • Soft Skill Development Training
  • Professional IT Training
  • Language Learning
  • Personal Counselling
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
Generally, the Soft Skill Development training is provided at some venues physically (Offline process). But, the Professional IT Courses & Language Learning Courses are trained through a very interactive online LIVE platform. All the classes are taken LIVE where you can directly communicate with mentors LIVE.
In terms of the courses and services provided by Digital Ostaad, if you face any difficulties or any problem, just let us know your queries or problems. You may contact us through
Phone call- 01998 775533
Email- digitalostaad@gmail.com
Message us at Facebook Page
***If we miss your call, we will call you back.

Training & Courses

The soft skills development training are conducted by our special mentors who have experiences on such kind of training for couple of years. Some of them have been certified from renowned foreign universities. The training modules are designed for different groups of people. The sessions are designed and updated with core values that actually helps a person to develop his/her interpersonal skills that brings an outstanding result. All the sessions are very much interactive, providing practical situations, gaming and fully occupied with audience engagements. The sessions are conducted at different places (offline) at Dhaka.
As the training are directly involved with your interpersonal skills, it helps you to be a more self-reliant and confident person. The training or the sessions help you to understand your values & present conditions and modes of behavior in terms of your personal & professional life. After successful accomplishment of the sessions or training, you will be amazed at you and your values & strategies will get a dynamic approaches. Besides, you will get opportunities to build a strong and effective network through the sessions which will lead you to discover new area in your life. So, it is us who will take care of you to make you more productive, to make you more confident and to develop you towards the path of your successful career and life.
The online courses are provided through a very interactive live platform. It is not like the so-called live class. Yes, we provide a 100% interactive online platform where you can-
  • Attend the Live classes
  • Watch mentor’s monitor & webcam sharing
  • Share your screen
  • Ask instantly any question regarding the topic
  • Chat instantly with the mentor while at class
  • Get the record of the whole video of the live class instantly after the classes
  • Get direction as to what to do next
  • Career Guidelines
  • Freelancing Guidelines
*** We will provide you the necessary instructions to install the apps & software.
Through the Professional IT Training, you will be trained the professional various usage of different software and apps. The main outcomes of learning such professional IT courses are-
  • Learn Basic & Professional Usage of particular software
  • Practical Projects
  • Get skilled on particular skills
  • Working offline at local job markets
  • Working online as a freelancer
  • Working with Industry Experts
To enroll in a course,firstly call us at 01998775533 & let us know about your interests. Then, we will provide you a link. Then, just simply fill up the form with proper information.
*** You must make payments to enroll in a course.
To pay fees or make any payment, you can use BKASH or ROCKET, or you can come to our office for payment.
To pay in BKASH, send your money at- 01722571686 (personal)
To pay in Rocket, send your money at- 01722571686(8) (personal)
*** Please keep your Transection ID safe for further usage.
But, if you are a COMPANY or AGENCY or any legal body, then the payment system may vary.
Yes, Scholarship opportunities are available for some special grounds. Besides, we offer full scholarship, mini scholarship on different courses only.
*** No exclusion of payment in terms of Consultancy & Counseling Services.


We, Digital Ostaad, provide excellent legal consultancy with outstanding Learned Lawyers of the country. Just let us know which services of your legal issues you want to consult or proceed. Any matter, Civil or Criminal, it may be your personal, professional or business matter. No issues & No worries, let us take care of your matters. Just call us or send your message to us, we will contact you in short directing what you should do next. You may also make your meeting with our consultant through online in your preferred media.
*** All the information and cases regarding your legal issues will be kept safe and confidential.
We provide strategic business Consultancy services with Dynamic & Brilliant Consultants of the country. Again just let us know which services of your business issues you want to consult. It may be your investment strategies, or business development or design, we are here to make you appointed with our experienced consultants. Just call us or send your message to us, we will contact you in short directing what you should do next. You may also make your meeting with our consultant through online in your preferred media.
*** All the information and data regarding your business issues will be kept safe and confidential.
First of all, let us know your personal issues in brief. After that, considering your issues/problems, we will make you appointed with our best councilors who will be fit best for you. It may be your mental health or self-contradictory matters. No issues, no worries, just call us, we will book an appointment for you.You may also make your meeting with our consultant through online in your preferred media.
*** All the information and data regarding your business issues will be kept safe and confidential.
Simply just –
Call us at 01998 775533
Or, end an email to us at- digitalostaad@gmail.com
Or, send your message to us at Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/digitalostaad
Or, you can fill up the form- goo.gl/MdrXx2
We will instruct you what to do and how to do.
Always smile and be happy.

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