Nowadays, it is found in every class of society that people are not as happy as they act. People just do the acting of being happy remaining thousands of misconceptions, social barriers, the so called traditions & taboos. Men & Women have no figures with whom they can share each & every single thing that hampers their daily life. The people get confused and don’t know what to do in particular circumstances, how to do it. People struggles with themselves own regarding taking decisions, stepping forward or backward, and managing thyself. People mix up the relationships between personal & professional things which lead them towards frustration, indecision & unsuccessful. Digital Ostaad provides personal counselling for solution to anyone who are facing problems in their personal & professional lives. Digital Ostaad provides personal counselling which are 100% confidential regarding following issues-

  • Career issues
  • Interpersonal conflictions
  • Personal secret problems
  • Making big decisions
  • Managing thyself
  • Handling relationships
  • Meditations
  • Parenting issues
  • Conjugal conflictions
  • Frustration & depressions



Legal matters are nowadays day to day matters. In every single steps of professional & personal acts, a legal discussion or legal help is a must. Digital Ostaad provides Legal Consultancy on CIVIL & CRIMINAL matters & services on the following grounds:

  • VAT, TAX & Customs Matters
  • Real Estate and Property Matters
  • Banking, Finance & Investment
  • Commercial Transactions, International Trade
  • Commercial Litigations
  • Fruad and White collar crimes
  • Corporate matters and Litigation
  • Labour and Employment Matters
  • Intellectual Property Matters



Business is just a game of proper plans & executions. No profitable business can be made without proper strategic development in business. While making a better revenue, a person/company must follow some tips & tricks to avoid all collisions and generate a better revenue model with better cost efficient ways. Digital Ostaad provides services on develpong business, maintainance of a business, better strategic plans with smart valuations. The services are as following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Marketing & Branding Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Financial Services
  • H R Services
  • Business Support Service
  • Corporate matters and Litigation
  • Training Services
  • Capacity Building



Learning a new language is always an exciting matter. People who know different languages are always appreciated in terms of jobs & business. As a developing country, the people of Bangladesh are going outside for business, travels & tours. People around the world prefers to communicate with another in their own languages. Digital Ostaad provides 3 different languages to dispel the communication gap outside Bangladesh. They are as following:




The students of Bangladesh are getting smarter than before. Those who want to get admitted into a foreign university, starts for IELTS preparation at their earlier stages. Besides, those who want to reside in a developed country should have better IELTS scores. It is a must to have a better IELTS score for admission in the expected colleges & universities outside Bangladesh. To secure a better & higher score in IELTS, Digital Ostaad provides special care with strategic tips & tricks to get expected scores.

  • Qualified & Experienced Teachers
  • Instructions as to Global Standards
  • Practice of the 4 particular skills
  • Mock Tests
  • Practice with IELTS Question Papers

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