Skill Development

If a person’s action inspires others to dream more, to learn more, to do more & to become more; then he is a great Leader. Leadership plays extremely a vital role in professional & personal life.

In working places, a leader must know how to contact & deal with his/her subordinates, how to motivate the employees, how to make a work done by the subordinates, how to care about the work & employees, how to create impact on particular matters & manners, how to make a better team work, how to get the best outcome with full potentiality of the employees, how to handle any conflicting situation, how to balance between family life & working life, how to maintain work role, friends & others etc.

In work ethics, a leader must know the tips & tricks,ins & outs of employee role &behavior. Besides, a good leader. He/She is not a good leader who does not know the arts of leadership.

Digital Ostaad provides training on developing professional leadership where a person is trained by hand with practical movements through some activities. This Training focuses on some vital points-

  • Leadership Formulas
  • Leadership GAMES
  • Leadership qualities
  • Leadership in working zone
  • Leadership for Team Building & Leading
  • Leadership in Personal & Professional life
  • Practical situation handling& many more…



Skill Development

Communication, Communication, Communication... Yes, Communication is everything for making a business or personal dealing. Whatever the matter is, it may be a business, it may be an engagement, it may be a deal or it may be a meeting, Communication Skill is a MUST.

While communicating, the communicators must keep an eye on the other persons psychology. In communication, there are some partticular skills e.g. how to start a powerful & effective convesation, how to convince a person, how to make better eye contacts, what to say & what not to say in formal & non-formal communication, how to grab atterntion within 10 seconds, how to manage stress, how to control the anger, how to deal a matter with emotional intelligence etc.

Digital ostaad provides training on effective communication skills both for personal attachment & professional manners. Communication works for those who work for it...

  • Arts of Communication
  • Professional Communication
  • Verbal & Non-verbal Communications
  • Strategic Communication Styles
  • Effective Body Languages & Gestures
  • Active listening & Empathy
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Client Communication
  • Documented Communication
  • Online Communication



Skill Development

Presentation is a must thing that creates the very first impressions to the last impressions. Presentation is everywhere in life; it may be professional, it may be personal, it may be of making any deal and so on. So, to create an impact on any audience, or personal or professional meeting, it is a must to deliver a better, effective and strategic presentation.

A quality presentation takes a person to his/her goals. A classical presentation always speaks about the presenter where there needs no further introductions, no further addresses. So, it is extremely important to develop what to show, how to show, what to say and how to say. This presentation skill development Training includes many topics, some of them are as following:

  • PowerPoint Slide designs
  • Strategies of designs
  • Arts of speaking
  • Multiple ways of start a presentation
  • Body Languages, Gestures & Postures
  • Mind Mapping
  • Elevator pitch
  • Eye Contact
  • Stress Management




We, the people, are very much emotional as a being. People take decision to do something or not to do something on the basis of only Emotion. So, emotion is the key to make a deal or behavior. But, unfortunately, people do not know how to manage and maintain the emotions; even sometimes people can barely define whether the acts are based on emotions or logic.

As a result, people take wrong steps to do or not to do a things only because of uncontrolled emotions; no matter whether he/she is young, adult or aged. Regarding all the scenario in our life, if we can control our emotions, if we can manage our emotions, if we can cope with our emotions, then it will be easier for us to reach our goals, to cross the borderline of our journey towards success.

The training of Emotional Intelligence covers many topics, some of them are as following:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Imagine the speed of light
  • Understanding personal EQ
  • Triggers & Hijacks of Emotions
  • Using senses to make sense
  • Playing to strength
  • Shifting perspective
  • How to empathize
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management

Professional &



He who comes for equity, must do equity. Yes, if a person does not know the corporate behavior, he/she must suffer in the office arena. As a result, the employees lose motivation of work and become less productive. The corporate etiquettes are all about connectivity & professional attitude.

Connectivity is the Productivity. So, in corporate culture, a person must know how to talk with others, how to dress as a corporate professional, what should be the attitude in corporate cultures, how to handle a client, how to speak up in a meeting, how to write professional documents, how to make meeting agenda & meeting minutes, how to hold a productive discussion etc.

Besides, for the top managements in an office, they have to know the tricks of how to motivate the employees, how to make a work done by the employees, how to deal with the emotional stuffs, how to control a situation in an office, how to stay productive in work etc.

Digital Ostaad provides such training on Professional & Corporate Etiquettes to make a company productive with its employees, to make a better official place & to make a better & profitable output. This Training focuses on some vital points-

  • Professional Manners
  • Corporate Etiquettes
  • CV Writing & Development
  • Professional Document Writing
  • Meeting Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  • Corporate Communication
  • Interview Tips & Tricks& many more…

Business &



Business is all about developing strategy. It is sometimes called a game of plans & execution. It is very tough to make business without proper strategic development in temrs of business. Investment is not everything. With proper investment and proper planning & execution, a business runs smoothly. So, to develop a business, to run a business, to make a business sustainable, different types of business development courses are available at Digital Ostaad which are conducted by country leading strategy developer...

In this era, entrepreneurship is a word of passion, action & dreams for doing something new. So many youth minds try to develop their startups. But unfortunately, most of them fails to make business because of not knowing the loops and falls of business. Digital Ostaad provides such entrepreneurship Development courses to deal the business, to develop better plans, to create better marketing opportunities and finally the way to make profits.This Training focuses on some vital points-

  • Business Model Design & Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Building Strong Chain of Command
  • Communication for Business
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Business to Business Deals
  • Legal matters for business
  • VAT & Taxation for Business

Digital Ostaad is always in support to make a business grow, healthy & profitable.

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